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Deeva With Attitude
Age 55 From Accord, Massachusetts - Online - 2 weeks ago
Woman Seeking A Man

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Tall, thin, modelesque figure with legs up to my neck; thick brunette hair halfway down my back; and deep, dark eyes.
(Former model...)

Never married, no children... MY CHOICE!Now ready to commit to a well-educated, professional, financially secure gentleman. He must also be emotionally-supportive, fun, compassionate, and caring.

I am considered very intelligent, well- educated, and talented with a career in Public Relations and Marketing. My interests are eclectic, ranging from the cultural like museums; theatre; ballet; and symphonies to the more simple like movies; dancing (I love all types of music!); reading; debating politics and current events; dining in and out (I may be thin, but I'm a TRUE FOODIE!...); and SO MUCH MORE. With the right partner, isn't everything fun?

NOT promiscuous, but having a healthy attitude about physical intimacy, I am warm, gregarious, affectionate, sensual, and passionate.

I am very popular, but I am also tired of the "DATING GAME". I want off the Merry-go-Round! Give me ONE man with the attributes I seek, and I will adore him. I have much to offer... he will adore me as well!