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Возраст 33 из Sterling, Virginia - Онлайн - Более 2 недель назад
Женщина Ищу Мужчину

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I am a gorgeous, artistic, highly intelligent, classy 26 yr. old. I originate from Belarus (Language Spoken: Russian). I am trustworthy, open minded, motivated, adventurous, good natured, submissive with the right individual, and love to be SPOILED...etc. I currently work for multiple International Airlines at Dulles International Airport, VA. I have some college experience, but plan on going back to school to obtain a Masters in the Criminal Justice & Criminology. I am very respectful of those around me and wish for the same in return. I very much enjoy home cooked meals but once in a while enjoy Fine Dining, Movies, Shopping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Cuddling, spending time with my man....etc. I joined this site to find a drop dead gorgeous stud muffin! ;) If you like what u just read, please contact me and maybe you and I could have a meet & greet & discover if both you and I have a mutual connection! Most of all I love the company of an older man! They are more experienced... ;) If there are any questions you may have, feel free to ask! I promise not to bite ;)
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167 см
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Проколот пупок, Разрисован(а), Скрытый пирсинг, Скрытые тату, Видимые тату
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Кошка, Собака, Экзотическое животное, Рыба, Рептилия
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Полный рабочий день
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Меньше $100,000USD/год
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Да, в компаниях
Да, в компаниях


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Флирт, Сама дружелюбность, Наблюдательное, Свободное, Сдержанное, Зачинатель тусовок, Зачинатель скандалов
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Искусство и поделки, Кэмпинг, Автомобили, Клубы/Бары, Компьютеры, Приготовление еды, Танцы, Ужин, Упражнения, Семья, Рыбалка / Охота, Интернет, Игры, Садоводство, Учеба, Фильмы, Музыка, Фотография, Игра в карты, Чтение, Шопинг, Спорт, Путешествия, ТВ, Волонтерство
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Клубы / Бары, Выпить, Экстремальные виды спорта, Тусовки с друзьями, Шопинг, Пойду на концерт, Вечеринки, Чтение книг, Расслабление, Спать, Фильмы, Пробовать новое
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Always Try Something Once
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Сама дружелюбность, На кого они хотят быть похожими, Крутой, Идеал, Немного "того", Флирт


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Раз в неделю
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Умный, Сама дружелюбность, Немного "того", Фарс


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Новости, Мультфильмы, Драма, Ситкомы, Спорт, Реалити-шоу
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Game Of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Grim
Предпочитаемые жанры фильмов:  
Экшн, Научная фантастика, Комедии, Мелодрамы, Драмы, Семья, Анимация, Ужасы, Триллеры, Для взрослых
Мои любимые фильмы  
Prom Night, The Notebook, Wall-E
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Классика, Кантри, Танцевальная, Электроника , Джаз, Латинская, Поп, Панк, Регги, Рэп, Рок
Мои любимые музыканты  
Blake Shelton, Pitbull, Andre Bocelli, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw
Я люблю читать:  
Эротика, Художественная литература, Ужасы, Тайна, Природа, Поэзия, Мелодрамы
Мои любимые книги  
Wolf Tales Series, Erotica
Мои идеи классного времяпрепровождения  
Being Spontanious :)

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Смелость, Сопереживание, Кокетство, Красота, Умения, Юмор, Интеллект, Деньги, Пассивность, Мощность, Чувствительность, Спонтанность, Внимание, Остроумие
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I am primarily searching for a man who meets my standards: Confidence is the number one quality I am searching for! I want a man who wants to make me feel like I am the only one. A man who is willing to go the extra mile; for example: opens the door for me, helps me shop, if I’m cold, offer your jacket, in other words be a REAL MAN!! You have to be humorous; being "cocky" and "funny" are the two most important characteristics to attracting a woman like myself! Most women love to complain about their problems, but I rather be drama free for both my sake and yours equally. When we engage in a conversation; I have the right to be heard and so do you. Real listening, with real intimacy, is rare. Loyalty; respect backed up by love builds trust; trust builds a strong relationship that can stand the tests of life and time. Being overly sensitive is a quick way to get shown to the door. Be strong, be there, yet share your emotions. Speak up and be real. I think there is certain ruggedness to the "Bad Boy", just don't make a continual habit of it-it's rude. I love men with ambition! Men who know who they are, what they are doing tonight and with their life. If you don’t have a plan, get one. In dating, it is extremely important that you have a plan when asking a woman out. I want a generous man. Don't be a tight-wad. Give the woman in your life gifts. Be a true friend. Be there for me, rather than just promising to be there. Consistent committed positive action is a definition of love. I want a man to be my lover instead of obsessing over my body. Rather than treat me as a sex object, treat me as though I am someone you could relate with; a real person! That means taking your time, showing extra attention, and being tender in ways to let me know I am special. Last but not least, a sense of security, to know that u will be there for me through emotional and physical support, would be much appreciated!
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